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Mother Waddles Charity Car Donation

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This is without a doubt the most adequate local charity serving Michiganders. What happens in Michigan stays in Michigan.....

You can donate any vehicle, running or non running, to assist those that are less fortunate and also be able to claim your donation as a federal tax deduction while the proceeds assist those statewide.

Mother Waddles many years ago, started out helping the citizens within our local communities via what we then called a Soup Kitchen. In reality she opened her home her heart and her kitchen to all that needed her - moving on from there to a more structured mission.

Her family still carries on the good works started by their mother and they depend solely on monetary and car donations to keep the mission alive. Mother's Mission has been in existence for over 50 years now with the help of countless of citizens of Detroit and a great number of now suburbanites that many many years ago started out in the City Of Detroit and had need of Mothers services.A great number of them continually reach back each year to donate cars,money,clothing,furniture ect.

It feels good to remember...... Please, Everyone... Remember Mother Waddles by giving something back.

Our Mission

We contribute to the care and well being of those within our Michigan communities that are less fortunate. Your monetary and vehicle donations allow us to keep the mission alive and our doors open. A tax receipt will be given for each donation to be used as a federal tax deduction. We are, our brothers keeper!!!



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A tax receipt will be given for each donation to be used as a federal tax deduction. Donate before tax season !!!

Mailing Address:

21501 W. 8 Mile Road, Detroit, Michigan 48219

Phone: 313-WADDLES