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Services Offered
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Below is a list of our services offered and corresponding fees:

PC Clean-out
$40 Min./$25 an hr.
Clean cookies, Fix Reg, MSconfig, Defrag
Virus Removal
$50 Min./$25 an hr.
Virus Removal + PC Clean-out
Program Installation
$20 Min./$10 an hr.
Installation of software and Peripherals
Windows Re-Installation
$40 Min./$25 an hr.
Re-Installation or Repair of Windows
PC Repair - Hardware
$20 Min./$25 an hr.
Hardware Replacement or Installation
In-Home Estimate
Free with Service
Come to your home or business for estimate

Most PC Repair Centers, i.e. Best Buy, Circuit City, Microcenter, etc... charge $75+ and up, just to look at your computer. This does not include any repair service other than finding the problem. THATS IT !!!

Then they charge you an additional $35+ pr/hr to fix the problem. This ends up costing the customer a minimum of $110+ just to have a problem looked at!!!

This does not guarentee the problem is resolved, which in most cases they just Re-Install Windows, and you lose all of your files, pictures and information.

This is not necessary, as most problems can be resolved with just software repair. So consider the cost per case, that most of MY customers have there issues resolved for $40-$50

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